Boat shoes in Seattle.

It has been a couple of years since I blogged. I took a two-year sabbatical because I was using my blog as a personal diary published on the internet. While it felt great to be validated by my peers who reblogged, liked, and commented my posts, the world did not need to know about my personal life in detail—after all, I’m an ordinary student from a small town in Silicon Valley—and so I took to Twitter to get my rants out, but, that, too, turned into an hourly soliloquy of my life. Finally, after taking some time to get out of that habit, I have decided to finally start blogging again. However, I ran across the questions, What the fuck am I going to blog about? The only thing I am used to blogging about is my life. (Truly, a millennial’s problem.) I took some time to contemplate what this next blog would be about and I concluded that I would continue to blog about my life, but through a different lens. Thus I’m telling the tales my shoes would tell.


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