Day 1: Flooring It

I often hear that a new year is supposed to be brought with festivity, joy, and resolutions. I have caught glimpses of these social norms in the outside world each year. The crisp, rigid running shoes on the street or the holiday-present athletic trainers trotting into the gym—each a testament to our desire to start anew and become the best person we can be (physically anyway). For some reason or another, however, we give up on ourselves and stop going to the gym, start choosing the slippers, or simply give up on the goals we had. So instead of saying to myself “I will walk myself to the gym every day and be physically active as of tomorrow” (or next week, or the beginning of the month, or the start of a new year, what have you) I decided to just say to myself “I will be active today”.

Despite my good intentions, I actually wasn’t very active today (and speaking of intentions, here’s a great article on why our actions define us, not our intentions). Instead, I spent most of the day proverbially flooring it, stuck to a gas pedal for an hour each way to see a good friend. It was nice to catch up with Raymond, though he no longer had the expected Adidas rather a pair of Top-Siders (a nice upgrade, might I add), and see how he’s enjoying school. He speaks fondly of the training he’s found at school and of the different pairs of shoes he owns for each occasion, which he has to order in a very specific manner—I’m certainly jealous of such discipline. Other than my close encounters with the accelerator, and the occasional kiss with the break, I spent my day lounging at home. People were over to celebrate a birthday but they left soon enough. As per usual, I kept to myself—too many shoes make me uncomfortable—and ended up calling it a day early.

In conclusion, while many of you try to start a new year hitting the ground running, I took it easy. Lets see what tomorrow brings.